Things to do in Las Vegas other than gambling at casinos

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the go-to destination for anyone who takes gambling seriously and wants to be a part of the most exciting gaming hub.

In addition to playing one of the many casino games that Sin City has to offer, tourists can enjoy the thrills of many other exciting activities. Depending on the time of the year you visit, you will get to choose between different ways of spending your time and all of them are exciting. It is important to dress for the occasion, as the temperature can oscillate greatly and you don’t want it to ruin your vacation.

Explore iconic streets and casinos on foot

Driving from one place to the other is the fastest and most convenient way of reaching your destination in Las Vegas. Having said this, when time is not of the essence and you want to play some online slots or get a better sense of the city, don’t hesitate to take a walk. There are plenty of great things to see on your voyage according to the website guide, in addition to the impressive casinos and hotels. Explore Fremont Street and other places off the Strip and discover hidden gems where you can go shopping or enjoy exceptional live shows and play some slots at the fantastic casinos!

Las Vegas

Once Las Vegas from above

If you’re not afraid of heights, you should consider climbing the tallest observation tower in the United States. The stratosphere tower will provide you with a unique opportunity to see Las Vegas from a different perspective and see what the city is all about. In addition to admiring the buildings, the streets and the iconic signs from the street, you will also admire the surrounding desert. The Stratosphere Observation Deck is guaranteed to deliver a memorable experience and long lasting memories.

Visit the Grand Canyon

Just because you are surrounded by neon lights, colorful buildings and the glittery lifestyle of Las Vegas doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore the surroundings. The Grand Canyon National Park is conveniently located nearby and it provides the perfect break from the bright lights of Sin City. Because of its proximity to the gambling hub, many people don’t add it on the priority list, but they would miss one of the nation’s most remarkable natural landmarks.

Las Vegas

Take a trip back in time

Traveling outside the city outskirts is surely a good idea, but you also have the option of traveling back in time. Neon Boneyard Museum is the place that makes this eerie voyage possible, providing visitors with an idea of how Las Vegas used to be. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy this experience, as it is surely something out of the ordinary. In between, you can go and admire the iconic Bellagio fountains, embark on a shopping spree or drive a super fast car for the adrenaline rush. The bottom line is that even though Las Vegas is known for gambling, there is much more than meets the eye about this iconic city.

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